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Welcome to the Research Group of Selina Olthof




We are a surface science group, mainly interested in the investigation of novel semiconductor materials. In particular we are looking at organic semiconductors as well as halide perovskites which can be prepared by evaporation in vacuum or by solution processing

Our focus is on photoelectron spectroscopy which we use to investigate the electronic structure of thin films as well as the oxidation states of atoms in these thin films.

We want to understand how these properties relate to the application of these materials in thin film devices, such as  photovoltaics or light emitting diodes. In these mul­ti­laye­red struc­tu­res, char­ge trans­port bar­ri­ers bet­ween the different se­mi­con­duc­tors or to the in­or­ga­nic con­tact ma­te­ri­als play a cru­ci­al role for the de­vice per­for­mance.

In addition we want to better understand these semiconductors and identify and exploit ways to tune this electronic structure. This can for example be done by varying the preparation conditions, by adding dopants to the layer, or by changing the film composition.